Readers ask: What Is Uk Theatrical Version Of Hunger Games?

What is different in The Hunger Games unseen version?

While the U.K.’s 12A rating is the equivalent of PG-13, the British Board of Film Classification was ready to give it a 15 rating with the violence, which Lionsgate wasn’t okay with. Hence the need to cut down on some of the blood and violence. These are all the differences between the two versions of the movie.

What is the theatrical version?

The theatrical version of a movie is the version of the movie as was released to movie theaters. Such scenes are generally end up in the movie’s DVD release resulting in an extended version of the movie. It has more scenes than the theatrical version and generally runs longer.

What can I watch The Hunger Games on UK?

Currently you are able to watch “The Hunger Games” streaming on Sky Go, Now TV Cinema, Virgin TV Go.

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Where can I watch Hunger Games UK 2020?

Watch The Hunger Games UK Theatrical Version | Prime Video.

How long is the hunger games unseen version?

Extras: The fun kicks off with the eight-part The World is Watching: Making The Hunger Games. Running 122-mins, this epic documentary negates the need for a commentary track as it takes you through every step of the film’s production.

Who directed The Hunger Games?

“ Unrated ” versions contain deleted scenes that might have earned them a stricter rating if submitted to the MPAA. 2. The theatrical version is for the general public, while the “Unrated” version is for older and more mature viewers.

What’s better theatrical or unrated cut?

The theatrical version is rated by the MPAA so that the viewer can determine if the movie is family-friendly or appropriate to watch. The unrated version of a movie allows people to watch the scenes that were removed from the main film.

What is unrated version?

Unrated versions can include scenes of violence, sex, nudity or profanity that weren’t shown in theaters. First, the movie simply has extra scenes not shown in theaters that, while not necessarily objectionable, were not rated by the MPAA and therefore must be considered unrated.

Where can I watch The Hunger Games for free UK?

Where can we stream The Hunger Games? The Hunger Games is available for one week from 6PM on Saturday 23rd May. It can be streamed for free on the Lionsgate YouTube channel.

Is The Hunger Games on Netflix UK 2020?

Sorry, The Hunger Games is not available on British Netflix, but it’s easy to unlock in United Kingdom and start watching! Get the ExpressVPN app to quickly change your Netflix region to a country like Canada and start watching Canadian Netflix, which includes The Hunger Games.

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How do I watch The Hunger Games online for free?

IMDb TV. Rejoice, Hunger Games fanatics, you can now watch all of The Hunger Games movies on IMDb TV for free. If you’ve yet to discover IMDb TV, you’re in for an absolute treat. The platform is a reliable, ad-supported service which is owned by Amazon.

Is The Hunger Games on Netflix 2020?

Is The Hunger Games on Netflix? The Hunger Games is currently not on Netflix but, of course, this could change in the future.

Is The Hunger Games based on a true story?

No, The Hunger Games is not based on a true story, though its themes are quite relevant and applicable to real life.

Are The Hunger Games free on Amazon Prime?

There is nice deal for Amazon Prime members. You can get unlimited streaming of Hunger Games for free right now. You can watch instantly on your PS3, Xbox, Kindle Fire, iPad, PC and other devices.

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