Readers ask: How Much Did Avatar Earn In Its First Theatrical Run?

How much did Avatar make in theaters?

“Avatar” first became the top-selling global release of all time in 2010 when it usurped Cameron’s “Titanic.” In 2019, “Avengers: Endgame” won the title with a $2.797 billion box office haul. As of Saturday, “Avatar’s” box office gross surpassed $2.802 billion, allowing it to earn back its crown.

How much money did Avatar make in 2009?

Before Avatar, the record had been held by 1997’s Titanic (also directed by James Cameron). When adjusted for inflation, 1939’s Gone With the Wind is considered the highest grossing film of all time, with some sources claiming that it has generated approximately 3.4 billion dollars in today’s money***.

Is Avatar hit or flop?

Avatar is the second highest-grossing movie of all time when adjusted for inflation after Gone with the Wind with a total of more than $3 billion. It also became the first film to gross more than $2 billion and the best-selling video title of 2010 in the United States.

How old is Neytiri?

Also in the script, Neytiri is stated to be roughly 18 human years old.

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What is the lowest grossing movie of all time?

11 Movies That Made Less Than $400 at the U.S. Box Office

  • Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1998) // Gross: $211.
  • Playback (2012) // Gross: $264.
  • Intervention (2007) // Gross: $279.
  • Trojan War (1997) // Gross: $309.
  • The Marsh (2007) // Gross: $336.
  • Apartment 143 (2012) // Gross: $383.

Who is the highest grossing actor of all time?

The all-time highest-grossing actor in the United States and Canada is Samuel L. Jackson. The cumulative lifetime box office revenue of all movies in which he has had a starring role amounted to about 5.7 billion U.S. dollars as of February 2021, owing mostly to his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel film franchise.

Why did Matt Damon turn down Avatar?

Damon turned down “Avatar” largely because he didn’t want to leave the “Jason Bourne” movie series hanging, but despite the astounding amount of money the decision caused him to miss out on, he doesn’t seem to be overly worried about it, and treated it as a funny story rather than a true grievance.

Is Avatar still the highest grossing movie?

Blockbuster movie Avatar has retaken the highest-grossing film of all time spot thanks to its re-release in China. The sci-fi epic debuted in 2009 and held the global box office title for a decade until it was overtaken by Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Is Avatar still Number 1?

Avatar, which now falls under the Disney umbrella after the Fox acquisition, first became the top-selling global release of all time in 2010 when it passed Cameron’s own 1997 Titanic. In July 2019, Endgame overtook Avatar — and now the latter is back on top.

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What is the most successful film ever?

As of November 2020, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was the most successful movie of all time, having generated 2.798 billion U.S. dollars in global box office revenue. ‘Avatar’ ranked as a close second with a gross of around 2.79 billion.

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