Quick Answer: How To Calculate Power Load For Theatrical Lighting?

How do you calculate the power of stage lighting?

Knowing your available power source in Ampheres / Amps (A or I in the equation) plus the known voltage in your venue (volts / V), you can work out the maximum power (P) available in Watts – I (amps) x V (volts) = P (watts).

How do you calculate power load?

Use the formula for power: Power = Voltage x Current, or P = VI. If you are trying to calculate the minimum load and you happen to only know the power and voltage ratings of your power supply, you can use the formula P = V2/R, which can become R = V2/P.

How much power do stage lights use?

Though industry studies in the UK have determined that on average only 9% of a theatre’s total energy use is attributed to stage lighting. As small as this may seem, a theatre can experience an electrical demand spike of approximately 240 kW/ hour or 92% above baseline during a performance.

What is the formula WVA?

You see, we can use that West Virginia formula (editor’s note: Watts = Volts x amps ) to figure out how many amps a fuse has to have with aftermarket fog or driving lights, and we can use it to figure out if aftermarket headlights are going to pull too much power for your stock system.

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How do you calculate total lighting load?

To calculate the lighting load, we use this formula: Watts = Volts * Amps (or W=VA in short). In most cases, you’ll get two of these three elements. That means that your household has a lighting load of 4800W.

How many watts do you need per square foot?

The general rule of thumb for providing light for an area is a minimum of 30 watts per square foot. 50 watts per square foot is optimal.

What is the formula of power in 3 phase?

For 3-phase systems, we use the following equation: kW = (V × I × PF × 1.732) ÷ 1,000.

What is the formula of loan calculation?

A = Payment amount per period. P = Initial principal or loan amount (in this example, $10,000) r = Interest rate per period (in our example, that’s 7.5% divided by 12 months) n = Total number of payments or periods.

Are LED stage lights dimmable?

Longevity- LED lighting manufacturers often quote the number of hours an LED light source will last in comparison to sources such as traditional tungsten halogen lamps. Most LED units offer dimming built inside the fixture, so there is no need to have a separate dimmer rack.

How many lumens are stage lights?

These regulations are 85 lumens per watt and a maximum standby power of 0.5W. Unfortunately, most stage lighting equipment fails to meet these guidelines – including tungsten fixtures and even the latest LED fixtures.

What is a circuit in theater?

Theatre ) a number of theatres, cinemas, etc, under one management or in which the same film is shown or in which a company of performers plays in turn. 8. ( General Sporting Terms) sport. a. a series of tournaments in which the same players regularly take part: the international tennis circuit.

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How many watts is 240 volts?

2400 Watts / 10 Amps = 240 Volts.

How many volts is 1000 watts?

Divide 1000 watts by 10 amperes and the resultant voltage would equal 100 volts.

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