Question: How Long Is Batman Vs Superman Theatrical Cut?

How long is the theatrical cut of Batman vs Superman?

In its theatrical form, it’s dark, it’s long ( two and a half hours ), and because of theatrical restrictions, it tells a story that feels incomplete.

Is Batman vs Superman the worst movie ever?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should be one of the most exciting superhero movies ever made. It’s definitely not Fantastic Four bad, but it’s is easily one of the worst superhero films of the last decade and makes us hesitant to want to go see future films in the franchise.

Is there a director’s cut of Batman vs Superman?

An extended cut of the film, dubbed the Ultimate Edition, was released after the film’s theatrical debut, adding around 31 minutes of additional footage to the film. That cut serves as the director’s cut of the film. The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was added to HBO Max back in July.

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Which version of Batman vs Superman is better?

The Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman is thankfully a much better version than what we got in cinemas. It adds quite a bit of content and thankfully, everything that was added feels essential to making this movie make more sense.

Is Affleck still playing Batman?

Ben Affleck is definitely back as Batman, though, as he’s confirmed to be returning as Bruce Wayne opposite Ezra Miller for The Flash movie.

Was Batman v Superman a flop?

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t a box office flop —it earned nearly $875 million worldwide—the highly anticipated team-up film between the two most popular superheroes in the DC Universe was a major disappointment for fans, diehard and casual alike.

Who Killed Superman?

Doomsday is the only one in main comics continuity to ever kill Superman; and he did so simply by beating the man of steel to death. Doomsday was killed in the battle, as well, but later healed himself and returned to life, stronger than before.

What was the point of Batman vs Superman?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first live-action film to feature Batman and Superman together, as well as the first live-action cinematic portrayal of Wonder Woman. In the film, criminal mastermind Lex Luthor manipulates Batman into a preemptive battle with Superman, with whom Luthor is obsessed.

Is there a Batman vs Superman 2?

While people talk about wanting a direct sequel to Man of Steel, there technically already is one: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As much as the world wants a Man of Steel 2, 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is technically a sequel to Henry Cavill’s Superman.

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Does Superman become good again?

Once Superman has regained his true sense of self, he joins the rest of the League to defeat Steppenwolf. In the Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the League comes to a unanimous decision to bring Superman back after they faced Steppenwolf and got the measure of the Apokoliptian’s power.

How does Batman vs Superman end?

During the fight, the President of the United States launches a nuclear bomb at Doomsday that Superman catches and carries into space. He takes the full force of the bomb, but the sun revives him and he returns to the fight. Superman picks up Batman’s Kryptonite spear, and stabs Doomsday with it.

What’s the difference between Batman v Superman and the Ultimate Edition?

The Ultimate Edition doesn’t change Batman v Superman’s tone or themes, but it undeniably makes Dawn of Justice a better and more coherent movie. The Ultimate Edition doesn’t change Batman v Superman’s tone or themes, but it undeniably makes Dawn of Justice a better and more coherent movie.

Is Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition the Snyder cut?

Zack Snyder sheds light on why his preferred version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is titled the Ultimate Edition, not the Director’s Cut. Both versions are incoherent, character-ruining garbage.

Is there a Justice League Two?

Justice League 2 was originally announced to be released on June 14, 2019, but Warner Bros. However, those sequel plans remain unlikely, because Snyder has stepped away from Warner Bros. in favor of Netflix, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is considered non-canon to Warner Bros.

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