Often asked: What Theatrical Devices Does Knee High Use?

What techniques do Kneehigh use?

Example techniques: a focus on storytelling for a wide audience, mostly through creative adaptations of novels, films, myths and folktales. often featuring live music, song, puppetry, dance and film, with a high energy and a playful style.

What is Kneehigh Theatre known for?

From our home in Cornwall, Kneehigh have built a reputation for creating vigorous and popular theatre for audiences throughout the UK and beyond. We created theatre for families in locations within their communities, village halls, marquees, harbour sides…and less conventional places.

Is Kneehigh naturalistic?

Kneehigh are a very naturalistic company d. Kneehigh believe in ensemble, in a rehearsal process that is joyous, anarchic and playful.

What did Emma Rice do at Kneehigh?

Emma Rice worked with Kneehigh as an actor and as joint artistic director. they have performed at venues such as the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Who founded Kneehigh?

Overview. Kneehigh was started in 1980 by Mike Shepherd. Early productions were performed in village halls, marquees, cliff-tops and quarries. Their productions are often based around mythological tales such as the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale The Red Shoes, The Bacchae and the Cornish legend Tristan and Yseult.

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Why is Kneehigh closing?

The award-winning Kneehigh theatre has announced it is to close down, citing “recent changes in artistic leadership” as among the reasons why it had become unsustainable. Kneehigh, based in Cornwall, has been responsible for a variety of innovative, colourful and widely acclaimed shows over the years.

What does the term knee high mean?

: rising or reaching upward to the knees knee-high stockings.

When was knee high founded?

Music is now part of the fabric of their work. Songs are a way of engaging the audience, another way of telling a story. Kneehigh will often talk about their primary motivation being telling the story rather than the speaking of the pre-written lines. The text doesn’t come first, the story comes first.

How long has Kneehigh Theatre company operated?

Veteran theatre company Kneehigh, which has operated for 40 years, has announced that it will be shutting down.

What does Emma Rice do now?

Emma Rice is the proud and excited Artistic Director of her new company, Wise Children. She adapted and directed Wise Children’s debut production, Angela Carter’s Wise Children (The Old Vic/UK tour).

What is Emma Rice doing now?

A former artistic director of both stage pioneers Kneehigh and, notoriously, Shakespeare’s Globe (more on that later), she now runs her own company, Wise Children, and is known for playful, joyous productions such as Malory Towers, Romantics Anonymous and Rebecca.

What techniques does Emma Rice use?

Emma Rice (Techniques (Community theatre, mixed performance styles, music…

  • Community theatre.
  • mixed performance styles.
  • music and songs.
  • comedy.
  • circus tricks.
  • physical theatre.
  • ensemble work.
  • storytelling.

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