Often asked: How Many Actors Have Played Philip Marlowe In Theatrical Releases?

Who was the first actor to play Philip Marlowe?

For many viewers, the definitive take on Marlowe comes from Humphrey Bogart, who first played the character in Howard Hawks’s 1946 adaptation of The Big Sleep.

How many Philip Marlowe stories are there?

Chandler’s Marlowe series spans seven novels, all with the same poetic attention to detail and unmistakable style.

What did Philip Marlowe drink?

Considered one of the founders of the hardboiled school of detective fiction, Chandler’s protagonist, Philip Marlowe, did much to popularise the Gimlet cocktail in the US, making reference to it in The Long Goodbye: “A real Gimlet is half gin and half Rose’s lime juice and nothing else,” Marlowe asserted.

What does Philip Marlowe look like?

On the surface, Philip Marlowe appears to be your quintessential tough-guy private eye. He’s tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome, Rick Castle-style. He’s got a dry sense of humor and a quick wit. He smokes cigarettes (Camels are his go-to) and drinks booze constantly (usually whiskey or brandy).

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What hat did Philip Marlowe wear?

Rather than brogues and clock-patterned socks, Bogart’s Marlowe wears a pair of black calf cap-toe oxfords with plain black wool socks. Bogie gives Bacall the boot… or, rather, the balmoral. The classic fedora is now immediately associated with film noir tough guys, specifically Bogie.

What did Philip Marlowe charge?

He does his task not for the meager pay, but because it is what he feels he must do. Significantly, Marlowe lives rather poorly, paid only twenty-five dollars a day plus expenses.

Where does Philip Marlowe live?

Others are a bit less iconic: Marlowe’s residences in the Broadview Terrace in Hollywood, his office on Cahuenga, and the 5000 block on Franklin.

What car did Bogart Drive in The Big Sleep?

The car that Humphrey Bogart uses in this film is the same one he used as Roy Earle in High Sierra (1941), a 1938 Plymouth DeLuxe.

Is Philip Marlowe in the public domain?

The copyright laws during Chandler’s lifetime decreed that his first novel, The Big Sleep, would enter the public domain by 1996. When it did the book’s rueful hero, Marlowe, would become public property as well, just like Sherlock Holmes, Huckleberry Finn, or Tarzan. Philip Marlowe is Chandler’s only child.

Is Philip Marlowe an anti hero?

Philip Marlowe of Raymond Chandler’s novels, most notably The Big Sleep is the antihero as detective; but Marlowe is a part of the dark world he inhabits just as much as the liars, manipulators and cheats.

Do you have to read Philip Marlowe books in order?

While it’s not absolutely necessary to read Marlow in order The Long Goodbye is probably best read after.

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Where should I start with Raymond Chandler?

Raymond Chandler: The Art of Beginning a Crime Story

  • The Big Sleep (1939)
  • The Long Goodbye (1953)
  • 3. “ Red Wind” (1938)
  • The Lady in the Lake (1943)
  • 5. “ I’ll Be Waiting” (1939)
  • The Little Sister (1949)
  • 7. “ The King in Yellow” (1938)
  • 8. “ Guns at Cyrano’s” (1936)

What is the first Sherlock Holmes book?

His first Sherlock Holmes story, “A Study in Scarlet,” was published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual in 1887. Starting in 1891, a series of Holmes stories appeared in The Strand magazine, and Conan Doyle was able to give up his medical practice and devote himself to writing.

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