How Far Apart Are Grommets Placed On Theatrical Drape?

How far apart should curtain grommets be placed?

Generally, grommets are spaced about 6 inches apart on center. The first and last grommet are inset the space needed for the return to the wall, and in front of the window at the leading edge. If there is a window frame, blinds or shades on the window, you will want the spacing to clear what is behind the rod.

What is the toilet roll trick for curtains?

You can use empty toilet rolls as curtain spacers, so the pleats hang evenly at regular intervals instead of some being bunched up and others spread out. And it turns out this trick is easy to do without having to take your curtains down. So don’t just chuck out the cardboard tubes.

How do grommets fit together?

Stack the grommet, cloth and washer on the base tool. Place the flaring tool over the top ring of the grommet and center the lower part of the grommet on the base tool. Then pound the flaring tool with a hammer until the washer and grommet are fastened together.

What sizes do grommets come in?

What Are The Standard Grommet Sizes? The most common grommets for banner sizes are 3/16 of an inch, 3/8 of an inch, one half of an inch, 1 inch, 7/16 of an inch, three, in the most widely used size being a grommet is 3/8 of an inch.

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How high do you hang 84 inch curtains with grommets?

If you are interested in a curtain with grommet tops, there will usually be an inch and half of fabric above the top of the grommet. Therefore, an 84 inch length curtain with grommet tops will have an actual hanging height of around 82.5 inches.

Do curtains have to touch the floor?

The fabric should just touch the floor or hover half an inch above. This is also a great approach for cafĂ© curtains (short panels that cover only the lower portion of a window and hit the sill), which work well in spots like the kitchen and bathroom, where long drapes aren’t practical.

Does curtain length include grommets?

Measure from where you’d like your rod installed to where you want the curtain to fall. Measure grommet panel length from the very top of the curtain (not the top of the grommet) to the bottom.

How do you keep grommet curtains from sliding?

Install tie-back holders on the wall and use tie-backs to hold the drapes in the open position on drapes that must be operable. Position the tie-backs high on the drape to prevent sliding. The lower the tie-backs are positioned, the more the top edge will slide.

Are grommet curtains easy to open and close?

Grommet Curtains Curtains with a grommet top have metal rings punched into the fabric that allow them to slide along the rod easily. This easy operation makes Grommet Curtains the perfect fit for draperies you want to open and close every day.

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